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Apollo Speciality Hospital, Madurai has successfully performed an ABO incompatible Kidney transplantation

01 Aug 2016

Apollo Speciality Hospital, Madurai has achieved a new milestone by becoming the only hospital in South Tamil Nadu to successfully complete an ABO incompatible Kidney transplantation.

Briefing the press, Dr. M. Sivakumar, Consultant Nephrologist, Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Madurai, said "Kidney transplantation is the gold standard treatment for patients with end-stage kidney failure. However, the kidney donor pool does not resolve the shortage of transplantable organs. There is a huge gap between the need and availability of organs."

ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplantation implies transplantation between two different blood groups. This was previously considered an absolute contraindication for patients with end-stage kidney disease due to hyper acute rejection (a condition where the donated new kidney becomes non-functional immediately after establishing blood flow).

In the case of ABO incompatible kidney transplantation, aggressive antibody removal is required, along with supplemental medication, with the resulting condition being termed as accommodation. Accommodation is a phenomenon where graft rejection is avoided despite re-emergence of incompatible antibody.

On 4th June, 2016, Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Madurai has performed an ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplantation for a 27 year old patient, whose blood group is B Positive. He received the kidney from his mother whose blood group is AB Positive and is now on the road to recovery. Preoperative period was covered with "Anti A Antibody Depletion Treatment" including special medications and dialysis to remove such antibodies.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Rohini Sridhar, COO of Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Madurai, said, "Apollo Hospitals has maintained leadership in areas of organ transplantation and organ donation and the chronicle has now unfolded in southern Tamil-Nadu. This surgery is the first of its kind in Madurai and the entire South Tamil Nadu."