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Apollo Institute of Bariatrics, Chennai organised a National level Continuing Nutrition Education Program on 'Bariatric Nutrition'

04 Jul 2016

The National level Continuing Nutrition Education Program on 'Bariatric Nutrition' held on 2nd July, 2016 is a first of its kind conference on Nutrition for Obesity. The event was organized by Institute of Bariatrics, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and this scientific feast was affiliated to the Indian Dietetic Association- Chennai Chapter where Dr.Lilian Craggs-Dino, Associate Faculty, University of Phoenix, USA was invited as special faculty to deliver a keynote speech.

The aim of this workshop was the prevention and cure of obesity and brought together expertise to provide the scientific background to

  • what is known regarding risk for excess weight gain
  • what is known regarding interventions that are promising or have been shown to be efficacious,
  • challenges and opportunities in implementing and evaluating behavioural interventions.

Dr Raj Palaniappan, Director and Chief Bariatric Surgeon, Institute of Bariatrics, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai said that one should work towards a healthier, happier way of living. He clearly explained the alarming effect of obesity on the society globally. Taking into account the total number of afflicted individuals, obesity constitutes a significant disorder in the world. Until recently, only minor attention has been given to the disease. Dr. Raj also quoted that the prevalence of obesity is on the rise in all industrialized nations; an estimated 10% in rural and 30% in urban areas of which 1.4 billion adults and 400 million children are obese world-wide. India has already been declared as the diabetic capital worldwide which could be attributed as a major complication of obesity. Dr.Raj also explained that the disease obesity can lead to much co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, infertility, knee and hip joint arthritis, sleep disorders etc . So the need of the hour is to curb this growing issue of obesity worldwide. As responsible health care professionals we are working towards eradicating or controlling this problem by means of a holistic approach and bariatric surgery.

Evidence shows that well-performed Bariatric surgery in carefully selected patients and a good multidisciplinary support team substantially ameliorates the morbidities associated with severe obesity.

Dr. Lilian said, 'Management by nutrition and supplements are also the pillars of weight loss in overweight and Grade 1 obesity but is highly individualistic'. She also shared her vast experience on various nutritional aspects in management of obesity to the packed audience. Weight loss by medical management essentially indicates non-surgical means of weight loss, which majorly involves lifestyle changes and nutritional counselling with or without usage of supplements to enhance the weight loss program. A reasonable goal for weight-loss with such program is approximately 0.5 kg/week. However, the foundation of every successful weight-loss program remains a healthy, calorie-controlled diet combined with exercise.