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Apollo Hospitals, Chennai successfully organised a full-fledged stroke awareness drive in Elliot's beach

29 May 2017

Stroke accounts for 5.7 million deaths worldwide and approximately 1.6 million people in India have a stroke every year, where nearly one third are left permanently disabled. Stroke is the second leading cause of death or disability after Ischemic Heart Disease. The good news is that 80% of the incidence of stroke could be prevented with adequate control of hypertension, diabetic control, abstinence from smoking, control of alcohol use, diet and exercise.

Understanding the need of the hour, Apollo Hospitals Chennai organized a full-fledged stroke awareness drive at Elliot's Beach, Besant Nagar to spread awareness of the symptoms, complexities, risk factors, preventive measures and treatment options. An 80 feet canvas painting depicting stroke and it's effects painted by artists from the city was displayed for public viewing. A Mime act was staged by theatre artists at the venue. People from across Chennai signed pledges to spread the knowledge that they gathered from the drive on stroke symptoms.

Speaking at the drive Dr. T. Sivarajan, Stroke & Neurovascular Physician, Apollo Hospitals said, "Indians are inherently prone to stroke due to predominance of metabolic syndrome. The change in lifestyle and socio-economic conditions have increased stress and altered the food habits, increasing the chances of developing hypertension and diabetes. This has resulted in an increased number of stroke patients in India. We are seeing an alarming rise in stroke cases in Chennai and everyone needs to be aware of this condition, its causes, symptoms and treatment options. Early signs of stroke are usually discarded by people and medical help is sought after the damage is done. Stroke can be prevented by leading a healthy and stress-free life."

A recent study states, 84-262 per 100,000 persons in rural India and 334-424 out of 100,000 population in cities suffer strokes. Stroke can leave a patient immobile, cause difficulty in communication and impair their vision and may also leave the patient paralysed .

There are mainly three types of strokes:

— Ischemic stroke occurs due to blockage or clot formation in blood vessel of the brain. The obstruction in the blood vessel occurs to due to development of fatty deposits in the linings of blood vessels. Around 80.2% strokes cases in India fall under this category.

— Hemorrhagic stroke is caused by ruptured blood vessels, which lead to bleeding in the brain. 17.7% strokes in India Hemorrhagic stroke is responsible for.

— Transient Ischemic stroke (TIA) also called as a mini-stroke and is temporary, caused by the formation of blood clot. This kind of stroke may last for a few minutes or a day, and may show temporary symptoms.


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