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Apollo Cancer Centre successfully removed a foot-ball sized cancerous tumor from the chest of a 23-year-old patient.

28 Oct 2018

Apollo Cancer Centre, saved a 23-year-old man from Assam by removing a massive 2.2 Kg cancerous tumour from his chest.

The patient was a shopkeeper from Assam and was brought to Apollo Hospitals with severe breathing difficulty and continuous vomiting. Clinical evaluation and chest CT scan revealed the presence of a cancerous tumor of the size of a football. He was immediately shifted to Apollo Cancer Centre for detailed examination and treatment.

The Chest CT-scan/biopsy revealed that the tumour was cancerous and was adding pressure to his lungs, heart and the food pipe resulting in breathing difficulty and difficulty in swallowing food. This rare tumor in the diaphragm was 30 X 20 X 15 cm in size, only 25 such cases have been reported of such nature worldwide. Dr. P. Venkat, Surgical Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Centre and team of doctors performed a Thoracotomy procedure on the patient and removed the tumour.

Elaborating on the surgery, Dr. P. Venkat, Surgical Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Centre, said, "The patient was a young man who had a very active lifestyle but was brought to our hospital at the last hour with shortness in breath and vomiting, and on investigation we found that the underlying truth was completely different. This was a very challenging case, since the tumour was within the diaphragm (the ribcage) and was not evident. The size of the tumour was so huge that it had to be handled with utmost care and was removed safely from the patient without causing any damage to the other organs. This is a rare case that has been reported worldwide"

Dr. P. Venkat, Surgical Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Centre and Dr. Sheshank, Cardiothoracic Surgeon jointly performed this surgery.


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