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CME on Metagenomics & the Power of Next Generation Sequencing in Infectious Diseases 2017

06 Oct 2017

Date: 06th October 2017, Friday

Venue: Auditorium, Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road

The CME is aimed at addressing the design and clinical application of Next Generation Sequencing in Infectious Disease pathogen detection and diagnosis. It will focus on Rapid Infection Identification (RID), providing a single window test that detects and identifies all known bacteria (Bactfast) and fungi (Fungifast) in a 36-hour window, independent of culture and sensitivity. The presentation will include clinical interpretation, diagnosis and application in real world setting.

The topic will be presented by Professor Jennifer Perera, Clinical Director, Credence Genomics, Sri Lanka. Professor Perera is the Dean of the Medical Faculty at Colombo University, Sri Lanka. Her contribution and recognition of new techniques stems from the fact that she has been a member of the National Science Foundation (Research Committee on Biotechnology), National Research Council, Advisory Committee on Communicable Diseases and Task Force in Microbiology at the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka. She has won the President's award for research for 9 years between 2003 - 2014.

This initiative of setting up the Next Generation Sequencing Lab has been taken up by Apollo Hospitals as a superior step for our clinicians than the existing practice in the early diagnosis of infection. This will benefit many high-risk patients requiring multidisciplinary tertiary care.


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