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Apollo Hospitals hosts the 19th International Symposium on Endoscopic Ultrasonography in Chennai for the first time in South East Asia on 18th and 19th September, 2014

18 Sep 2014

With time playing a crucial role in cases like cancer, it is important to ensure quicker and accurate diagnosis. Endoscopic Ultrasonography (EUS) as doctors believe, has the potential to quicken the process of cancer detection through detailed tissue examination of the gastrointestinal cavity. While previously it was only considered for diagnostic and staging procedure, it has now evolved into a technique that also includes tissue acquisition and interventions.

"The biannual symposium has so far been held in The United States, Europe, Japan and emerging countries like Russia and China. For the first time, the symposium will be held in South East Asia, in Chennai. Increased awareness has facilitated the penetration of Endoscopic Ultrasound centers that were once limited to large tertiary referral institutions to smaller institutions in secondary cities and even outpatient clinics. With these changes, technology that was once confined to Japan and to the West has made its way to the East with an increasing number of new centers being commissioned every year. This symposium, although deeply rooted in tradition, is evolving with the rapidly changing landscape of EUS," said Dr K R Palaniswamy, Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist,Apollo Hospitals.

"EUS 2014 will have two components: A two-day program that will include live demonstrations of basic and advanced EUS procedures combined with state-of-the art lectures and a half-day program specially designed for beginners that will include practical tutorials by experts. Live demonstrations will include radial examinations, fine needle aspiration techniques interpreted in real-time by Cytopathologists as well as interventional procedures," said Dr S Varadarajulu, Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist,Apollo Hospitals.

This symposium will provide doctors with invaluable information that will have an immediate and significant impact on their Endosonography practice.

Event Schedule:

Date & Time :18th and 19th September, 2014

Venue :ITC Grand Chola, Chennai



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