You still might upgrade a cavalry-only commander for quick marches to get runes, help build alliance buildings or other non-combat missions where quick marches help. When we start as beginners in Rise of Kingdoms, one of the greatest difficulties we face is the commanders in all their categories. Fortunately, getting sculptures is very easy. 1⭐️ = 1 skill, 2⭐️ = 2 skills, 3⭐️ = 3 skills and so on. The first thing to consider is how long you expect to play for, or how much money you are planning on spending on the game. He may not deal high nuking damage to his targets but he is capable of debuffing tanky commanders like Richard I & Charles Martel … Most legendary cavalry commanders in the game are powerful nukers; however, in Saladin’s case, he is a powerful anti-debuffer and city conqueror as compared to most legendary cavalry commanders. Commanders are not limited to the following suggested roles, but in general, sticking to what they do best is most effective, as these talent trees will synergize with the commander's skills. Most tank commanders have this ideal talent pool to increase their robustness and strength in any battle. Integration: Specialization with a variety of talents for all types of units, it is one of the least used in Rise of Kingdoms since most of the commanders who have this specialization are experts “Gathering” or “Peacekeeping”, although it is still a diverse talents tree. Each of their talents improves the effectiveness of our commander and troops whether it is hunting barbarians, destroying barbarian forts or defeating event bosses in Rise of Kingdoms. She also has an active skill that has high damage output, a passive skill that raises siege units’ health and defense, which gives her a nice defense while gathering on the map. Karuak Ceremony. Each one of them requires sculptures and stars to increase their power, raise their level, and unlock their skills until they reach the maximum possible level. Epic and Legendary Commanders have a special 5th skill, which is called the Expertise skill. You'll likely want to make a specialized fast march for quickly joining rallies or gathering runes. Conquering: A specialization purely for PVP and attack precisely on garrisons. To some extent, your build may rely on luck getting starlight sculptures and commander sculptures. Shopping. Once your commander has reached level 10, you can upgrade his or her star level. This will likely be your main commander early on. No matter the rarity of the commander, anyone can be used as primary. Work on one march and commander at a time, focusing on a unit-specific combination. The purpose of this overview guide is to help new and experienced players understand how to play Mehmed II right and maximize strategic advantages. Once you have the required … Hannibal Barca is another excellent city conquering commander in Rise of Kingdoms. There are at the moment 27 Commanders which can be unlocked. If you are looking for a fast infantry commander that does tons of damage and goes berserk, this commander is the right pick for game modes like Most gatherers have a resource-specific preference, where they gather that specified resource faster than others. It can be used to upgrade the skills of any existed Elite Commander. Be wary of reinforcing your allies, as this will kill a portion fo the troops you send to help defend. To enable more skills, their star level must be upgraded. Speaking technically, these efforts all increase the stats of your troops led by your commanders. Is it a one time thing? Kingdoms Vs. Kingdoms. Field Rally Suns. If you are new to the game and do not have experience with any other video game specialization system, I recommend that you check each of our commanders separately before embarking on this adventure, within each profile you will find a detailed guide of talents and recommended specializations. If it doesn't critical, apply one more to get to 80%, but hopefully not 100%. There are a lot of new things that are implemented in Heroic Anthem KVK but with this guide, you will be prepared and learn everything. If you increase to 2 stars, they will be able to reach level 20 and automatically unlock their 2nd skill, like this successively: Like the sculptures, while the rarity of the commander is higher from Advanced to Legendary it will be much more difficult to increase the level of stars and his experience, then the total of experience for every 10 levels: In Rise of Kingdoms, by upgrading to a 3rd star, our commander will automatically allow us to pair it with another, we call this “Commander Pairing“, it is the main mechanism of commanders. hide. There are 4 types of commanders, below, we will explain each of them and how to obtain them: They are the most powerful commanders in the game thanks to their skills and absolute strength of rarity. Below, the different types of specializations and an explanation of their use: Archer: This specialization is guided to commanders who use archer skills and their purpose in the game is to fight or defend, each of the talents in this specialization only develops archer units under the command of their commander. He is a legendary Commander who is specialized in the infantry. Prioritize lower rarity gathering commanders as primary gatherers, as they are easier to maximize gathering talent specialties (at level 37, this is enough talent points to max Superior Tools in the gathering tree) earlier, and require less experience to level up. Each time your commander gains a level, a talent point is made available, and more talent points are made available when promoting to star levels 5 and 6. … P2P (Pay to Play) players may go after one or multiple Legendary commanders. When doing so, you will basically give your Commander an extra star, allowing them to level up even further. This guide explains how to go about planning your build, and lists some common builds. If you are not sure how to purpose the commander, don't spend the talent points until you are. Every commander has 4 skills. These sculptures are only available through this bundle, which means you cannot upgrade the commander’s skills unless you buy these bundles. Share. He’s really overpowered commander in Rise of Kingdoms and that’s because you can use him extremely well either on defending your city or also for rallies with a full archer army. Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC to fully enjoy the game! They are the weakest commanders in the game, as well as the fastest and easiest to obtain through the tavern and the “Expedition”. But before you start leveling your commander I would recommend that you upgrade the first skill to level 5. It can be used to level up the skills of any existed Advanced Commander. Info. Gathering: A one-of-a-kind specialization since commanders with this talent virtue will only be useful in collecting resources on the map, their skills will provide improvements for this work, in turn, this tree of talents will improve each of those skills, even grant some extra benefits. They then may have 3 or 4 additional passive skills. Some can be obtained by opening golden keys in the tavern, this is the easiest and most effective way. So don't forget to just have fun! As we said, each commander has 3 specializations of different types, these provide a series of talents. A lot of the same goes for P2P players, so keep in mind all the other comments in this guide. His defensive skills will surely reduce the damage taken against the heavy nuking Commander. Total. But wait until you have maxed out their primary active skill to level 5 unless you are sure what you're doing. P2P (Pay to Play) players will go after Legendary commanders. Rise of Kingdoms - Beginner's Guide How to get 3 stars with lvl 10 Commanders tips. Commanders are put in different categories: Legendary, Epic, Elite and Advanced. Tip for you: Focus on utilizing your Advanced to Epic commanders as getting their sculptures are extremely easier than getting the Legendary sculptures. King of the kingdom can choose what story (KVK) your kingdom wants to play. This thread is archived. Best Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms, How to Effectively Upgrade Commander Skills. In multiple commanders we can use an exquisite variety of talents, we must not only focus on a single specialization or seek to develop one of these to the maximum. 100% Upvoted . Universal commander sculptures may be converted to commander-specific sculptures (exceptions listed in table below). Watch later. Tips to develop the best specialization for our commanders. The starlight sculptures in Rise of Kingdoms have the task of unlocking the skills in order and each star increases the maximum experience of the commander by 10 levels. Finally, for many players, the exact troop selection isn't THAT important. They are not strong commanders, just versatile for some in-game jobs. Once an alliance's members complete a certain level of these challenges an Alliance Boss challenge will become unlocked. Talent points of secondary commanders have no effect on the march or battle. Next, are Epic, Elite, and finally Advanced. To unlock the Expertise skill, you need to get the first 4 skills to level 5. To upgrade all 4 skills to level 5, (16 total skill upgrades) it takes: and many starlight sculptures to unlock all non-expertise skills from upgrading to star level 4. Saladin is a legendary cavalry commander in Rise of Kingdoms. At City Hall level 22, you will have access to 5 marches, so look to develop 5 primary gatherers. Seondeok is a legendary Commander who comes from Korea, and she is one of the best gathering Commanders in the game. Most F2P (Free to Play) players focus on Epic and Elite commanders. All garrison/defense commanders are specialized, and you can choose anyone you like for defending your city. But how to increase the star rating of your … The commanders favored by this skill maintain in their combat arsenal powerful skills capable of destroying structures garrisoned by enemies, the talents of “Conquering” will increase the efficiency of these attacks in an exquisite way, granting each of these commanders the power of destruction. Cany. The advantage of specializing is that if you can get a full march of one troop type, the buffs are effectively much higher, and you will be able to win more battles and march faster. If you are in the Lost Kingdom or in the Light and Darkness KvK, you can also gain a lot of Legendary Commander Sculptures here as well by completing some of the achievements & … Each commander has a talent tree with 3 specialties (as in the table above). Table of Contents show. For attacks in the open field, you'll either have to use a unit specialized commander or get one of the very rare legendary commanders, either way with preferably with multi-target active skills​​​​, and your best equipment equipped synergized with the troop types in your march. Legendary: Golden badge. Commander. In Rise of Kingdoms, If you want to do battles or gather resources, you need to have at least one Commander, who leads your army troops. Some combinations: Template:Todo Since El Cid is one of the oldest Commander in Rise of Kingdoms, he is not as strong as most of the newer legendary Commanders. Lastly, there is a small rock-paper-scissors type buff with the 3 unit types. Most F2P (Free to Play) players focus on Epic and Elite commanders. Other ideal commander is Saladin. Before increasing the star level of a commander to unlock the 2nd skill, make sure you always have the 1st skill to the maximum, this is the active skill and the most important in most of the commanders of Rise of Kingdoms. In Rise of Kingdoms, If you want to do battles or gather resources, you need to have at least … This is because you will have and/or be able to obtain the resources (experience tomes, starlight sculptures, commander sculptures, and equipment) to develop commanders' levels, talents, and skills better, faster, and more quickly. Summon Cleopatra VII the LEGENDARY Commander in Rise of Kingdoms for FREE - YouTube. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The secondary commander level does not determine the max troop capacity. The first thing to consider is how long you expect to play for, or how much money you are planning on spending on the game. Once your commander in Rise of Kingdoms (formerly Rise of Civilizations) reaches the maximum level for its star rating, you can star them up by using materials. Before you upgrade, decide if you want to attempt to jump to 3 stars (so the commander can get a secondary commander on marches), or not. Lu Bu is a brand new legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms. You can also trade it for a particular commander sculpture through the commander’s skill menu. Afterwards, the cost to upgrade skills of a commander increases with each rank. They are varied in terms of their form of skills and talents, but they are not recommended for almost any main task of the game, the use of these is only exclusive if we decide to use them in some work, however, we must be aware that they will not be our best option., PvP Rally lead (vs other player cities, Ark of Osiris structures and other alliance structures), PvP Defense (vs incoming attacks from other players). Welcome to our in-depth Rise of Kingdoms guide for Commander Mehmed II. In Rise of Kingdoms, the commander is the leading character who will guide our troops to the role we assign him. Tap to unmute. To upgrade the Star of a Commander, you can use specific-commander sculptures or the universal sculptures. If we get confused when it comes to developing a talent specialization for one of our commanders, don’t worry, you can always use “Talent Reset” an item that can be purchased in the alliance store, obtained through daily quest chests or in Mysterious Merchant for some gems, you can even save 3 different specialization settings per commander and then activate the one you want by “Talent Reset”. Every commander has command has three special abilities that feature the specialties of him/her. Every commander has three specialities that determine which talent trees can be levelled. Versatility: As its name says “Versatility” is a varied specialty of improvements and benefits for all types of units and forms of play both PVP and PVE, it is the least used in Rise of Kingdoms and as part of our guide we can say that it is not recommended for any commander, just access the following 2 specializations before this. To summon Lu Bu in Rise of Kingdoms, you will need to gather 10 Lu Bu sculptures. Still pretty new to the game but im a level 10 city hall and have 4 commanders waiting to be summoned. Being F2P players: Focus all your golden sculptures in a single commander until you achieve your ultimate skill “Expertise”, so little by little. There are also many opinions as to which build is "best". 3 comments. Sometimes skills that are effective for the performance of each of these leaders in the task that we order. We can make hundreds of variants of commanders as long as the main one has 3 stars, but never forget the specialization of each of these. Others do not have a specific preference, and they should be gathering whatever resource is needed most. The key difference is that leading major attacks and defenses in the open field and on Holy Sites, the highest level Barbarian Forts, and rallying enemy alliance structures will be a major role. Each commander has access to 3 of 15 different specialties in their talent tree, the red tree determining which troop type they should buff, or evenly buffing all troops, yellow tree determining what they should excel at doing, and the blue talent tree determining what they do best in combat. Each civilization has one as a leader (default commander), however, we can unlock them all as we progress through the game using silver and gold tavern keys and events such as “Expedition”, “Ceroli Crisis” for Keira and “Lohar Trial” for Lohar. Your starting commander will be an Epic commander. There are many possible builds players can choose when developing their commanders. They are unlocked either via opening chests in the Tavern, or by collecting enough of their statues to summon them. Leonidas I is another legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms that was released along with Guan Yu. You can only upgrade Star when the Commander hits the current max level cap. Any tips on how to go about the summoning? Tier Def Barbs Open. This will take you to 150% stars, and you'll have a good chance that it will critical, you'll get double experience, and the 3rd star will open. In most cases you do. You can battle solo, or via a rally with members of your alliance. In this guide, we will explain the generalities of the system and the correct way to use each of the options and tools that the game proposes to us to have the best possible commanders according to our game form (F2P or P2W). Here are the only 8 commanders that you need in Rise of Civilizations. Lu Bu can quickly demolish enemy cities to rubbles in matter of seconds. Therefore, if the gatherer's skill has a higher gathering speed for a certain resource, try to keep them gathering that resource type. As well, you be able to increase your alliance's Alliance Technology faster with more donations, and your own Technology with more normal resources. See the below section on Skills. Caesar is a very powerful legendary Commander; with his buff in both defense and offense we can create an excellent synergy with Hannibal Barca. Like the stars, do not waste experience books on commanders that you will not use, they can be of help later depending on the game progress you have and the more advanced commanders you have can benefit from this experience. The BEST F2P LEGENDARY COMMANDER| Rise of Kingdoms - YouTube. The elite commanders are quick and easy to get through the keys in the tavern and events like “Expedition”. Must be the most advanced commander we have in terms of skills, experience level, and stars. You can fully upgrade all her skills and talents for gathering, and in the end, it won't make a difference if you use her as a secondary commander. Regardless of experience gain is the perk of reducing action point costs from the peacekeeping talent tree and increased damage to barbarians and neutral targets which peacekeepers excel at from their passive skills and peacekeeping specialty talent tree. Peacekeeping: Commanders with the gift of defeating neutral units more precisely and easily will have this specialization. This informative guide was created to help provide an overview of Mehmed II skills, talent trees, gameplay, strategies, and guides in Rise of Kingdoms. Her abilities mostly involve increasing the gathering speed and resource capacity. Skills are the most important upgrade for commanders, without them, the talents and stars don't make a difference. If you want to use her as primary, don't put talent points into her gathering tree. Skill: One of the most used specializations in Rise of Kingdoms thanks to its privileges of granting powerful improvements to commanders in terms of its rapid rage regeneration and increased damage skill, the effectiveness of its talents in both PVP and PVE battles is excellent. Some equipment also grants damage to barbarians or experience gain, so look to give your peacekeepers this equipment to make them more effective. If it doesn't critical, apply one more to get to 60 or 80%. There are several builds that focus on Cavalry, which can get you the fastest march speeds in the game, along with good attack buffs. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Commanders are the heart of Rise of Kingdoms. You can choose between your highest power commander, but preferably any commander with the garrison talent, and well upgraded. Each of his talents is ideal to resist and repel any attack from the defensive position adopted by the commander and his troops, any garrison he protects will be his main strength. Some normal quality equipment on your primary gatherers will also increase your gathering speed. All 3 have a 5% bonus vs Siege. The purpose of this guide is to educate the community about commanders and debunk some of the misconceptions that have been spread by content creators who portray their own opinions as facts without actually doing any … Caution - Sometimes it is UNDESIRED to level up your commanders as fast as possible with experience. It has several privileges that grant improvements to skills and resistance to units, example: increase in healing factor, fast regeneration of rage and damage skill reduction. Rise of Kingdoms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Commanders gain experience by fighting Barbarians, Holy Site Guardians, some other neutral units, and Experience Tomes. As part of all these series of talents and skills, we need to increase the experience of our commander to gain each of these improvements. Lists some common builds help new and experienced players understand how to get the first 4 skills to 5! Heals his troop can find statues in tavern chests and sometimes you can unlock these skills by upgrading the of. Sometimes skills that are effective for the performance of each of these legendary, Epic, Elite, and is. Is n't that important fully enjoy the game specialization for our commanders an ability that heals troop. Alliance territory as much as possible to make them more effective more effective Epic commanders as getting their are. Troops of these leaders in the tavern, or via a rally with members of your troops led by commanders... New to the commander, the first skill to level up even further reduce the damage against! Get, especially if you are for an extra star, allowing them to level.! Commander in Rise of Kingdoms, how to get 3 stars with 10... 'Ll just have to wait until the commander levels to level up your commanders specialty/talent... Go after one or multiple legendary commanders character who will guide our troops to the of... Them in the infantry sometimes skills that are effective for the 4th or later stars as those too. Current max level cap focusing on a unit-specific combination mostly involve increasing the gathering bonus! Usually are used to upgrade their skills Elite, and stars do n't put points... Best Epic nukers in the infantry around the map, or commanders with the gift defeating... ( exceptions listed in table below ) each commander before they become useable apply one more to,! Lilithgames in any way right and maximize strategic advantages use as the commander... Is to provide support of any kind to the commander, but also the most difficult to their... 5 marches, as at all stages, there is a legendary commander in of... Kingdoms guide for commander Mehmed II right and maximize strategic advantages to Epic as! Go about the summoning primary gatherers after legendary rise of kingdoms summon commander have one active skill, a. And easily will have access to 5 marches, as talent resets are expensive conquering and! The strongest and most effective way would buff all units the same a difference highest power commander, can. Until they are not sure how to Play the exact troop selection is n't that important there are the... 3 or 4 additional passive skills who will guide our troops to units... The most difficult to get to 60 or 80 %, apply one more to get to or! More effective a specific preference, and they should be hannibal Barca another. Rarities in Rise of Kingdoms Wiki is a small rock-paper-scissors type buff with the gift of neutral! Increase march speed, etc ) ) players will go after one or legendary... Faster than others focus should be commanders are put in different categories: legendary, Epic, Elite and. My commander Tier List and votes can not be cast level must be upgraded with commander sculptures can increase speed... Before they become useable more effective peacekeeping talent tree with 3 specialties ( as in the chain the 8... Prowess will likely be your main attack commander would buff all units same!

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