Activities like offsite parties and picnics, cricket or football matches on anniversaries and birthdays, cultural festivals, painting and quiz competitions, crèches for the children of employees, Friday bashes, movie tickets, and discount shopping coupons and many more have become a regular part of the corporate culture. Get the team together, pitch a cause and pick the one you want to support. An application of OKR can be as simple as you make it. Right, Employee Engagement with right employee engagement strategies builds an impeccable Employer Branding for the organization and a sense of Pride for all employees associated. They also want to feel that their abilities are well-matched to their role, so setting realistic expectations about the role (e.g. You can reward them on their technical competence or behavioural aspects like punctuality, team player, etc. In this second instance the question posed to them is, ‘If we were to hire someone else like you in this role in the future how would you describe the activities?’. This process starts with crafting your survey and asking the right employee engagement questions to understand what’s driving engagement. The Employee Engagement initiative at ONGC is all about creating the right conditions for all members of the organization to give of their best each day, committed to their organization's goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being. Employee Reward and Recognition system is a key driver in promoting positive work culture and hence fostering Engagement. One organization’s learning and development program is taught by employees. This is the key to creating a great place to work. It’s still not enough for leaders to show employees they’re listening by simply sharing results – though that is important. Structured employee engagement plan for your company can significantly improve company performance across several key functions, such as; But, to achieve this, the engagement efforts need to be aligned with your overall business strategy and vision. Workplace engagement is a vital concept in the effort to understand the nature of the relationship between the employer and the employee, and to achieve that employee engagement initiative. The Wow! Clearly Define Strategic Roles. Create an engaging onboarding experience. There is an allocated budget and set number of sessions covered by the company, but the content of the coaching remains between the coach and the employee. Internal brand Awareness is an equally important exercise to keep employees informed about the company’s development and additionally it helps to build trust and loyalty amongst them. They seek to understand each team member’s strengths and provide employees with every opportunity to use their strengths in their job role. But it is also a huge opportunity to gain long-term commitment and discretionary efforts from your employees. It’s a simple thing – a small paper booklet with the name and description of a single value on each page, along with two or three lines for employee signatures under each value. This is a great way to reinforce your vision and values, while acknowledging exemplary behaviors. Go on a scavenger hunt, play sports outdoors, go... 3. The employee selects their coach for either personal or professional development. 2. Have more fun. The more the teams are asked their opinions, the more they will feel empowered, trusted and valued – and the more engaged they’ll be. Employee engagement idea #5: Virtual “water cooler” space. Make this voice a regular presence through inviting a panel of customers to be a part of your all-hands meetings. It's time to try something new. The solution: foster engaged workers, and organizations will see a more stable workforce and improved business outcomes. Happiitude brings you effective tools, methodologies and frameworks designed around the science of happiness to create a sustainable culture that ignite passion, growth, and success at your workplace. And communities thrive best when everyone in it feels they are included, valued and trusted. 1. Read More: Roles of the Manager in a growing organization. It can make a difference to the individual employee as well as the business as a whole. They also want their leaders to recognize the importance of people in the journey. Regular workshops and skill-building training sessions must be held to help employees acquire a higher level of skills and competencies. Our approach to engagement Engaged employees feel that their job is well-defined and important, and their efforts are effective and appreciated. An open, two-way... #2 Motivational speakers. Company initiatives that promote health, work-life balance, kindness and gratitude already exist and can go a long way in bolstering a positive office culture while also increasing engagement. Employee engagement initiatives are usually part of a broader scheme designed to help develop staff, improve their performance and keep them happy at work. managers need our help. You can run ‘Great Idea’ hack and invite logical ideas from employees thereby rewarding the best. Clear objectives will render effective results and bring direction to your employee engagement … Employee engagement adds value to any organization. The managers need to be empathetic and sensitive towards people and understand their personal or professional challenges. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT INITIATIVES Your employees likely want to feel heard, so make it easy for them to leave feedback and get in touch with you. For it to deliver the benefits we talked about earlier, it needs organizational commitment and involvement to implement efficient initiatives. Deciding which actions to take can be challenging, so in this article, we’ll look at a range of employee engagement initiatives. What really shows employees they’re being listened to is action: specifically, targeted employee engagement initiatives responding directly to the feedback given. Organizations have realized that it is no more just attracting crème-de-la-crème employees and retaining them. What do you want to be doing that you aren’t currently doing? Employee Engagement is a huge opportunity to gain long-term commitment and discretionary effort from your team. Organizations should dedicate 90 percent of their engagement effort on ‘post-survey’ activity to inspire people to do great work and match their efforts with the organization’s goals. Make a print or online version of the magazine and involve employees in sharing their personal/professional stories to build positive interactions. With a dynamic and competitive work environment, meeting business objectives and performance becomes a stressful task. Above all other employee engagement initiatives, communication is key. Top 10 Best Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities: 1. Sentiments like, “Hey, this is the right thing to do” and “I wish turnover weren’t so high” generally don’t work on their own. It is your time to go beyond Employee Engagement Initiatives. Employee engagement is not a Human Resources initiative that managers are reminded to do once a year. The remaining time is devoted to open discussion on any questions employees have about the organization and concerns that individuals may have about blockers to their ability to help the organization achieve its goals. How can I best support you to achieve those goals. It's up to managers—not just HR—to jump start new employees' engagement… You know lack of employee engagement is one of the main reasons employees leave. You can build your internal employee-focused magazine with fun columns, news, featured stories and opportunities. They don’t just go through the motions to receive a paycheck. To increase employee engagement with best employee engagement strategies, the first step is to create a holistic engagement strategy, of which the engagement survey is just one part. Employees want to know they have access to opportunities, both formal and informal, to develop and that their leaders and managers are invested in their professional development. Encourage employees to learn from each other. Building Open and Transparent Communication, 3. Similarly, Deloitte defines employee engagement as “an employee’s job satisfaction, loyalty and inclination to expend discretionary effort toward organizational goals.” Notice the common themes with all three of these definitions: emotional commitment and attachment from employees. The HR team creates templates that link to the company values and current organizational objectives. This clever solution, which embraces metrics to clarify performance, will make it easier to define the success rate (or failure) of an engagement initiative. A 2013 study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) found that organized efforts to bring new employees into the culture pay off in both employee engagement initiatives and market performance. Your employees are the bedrock on which you are founded, and if you don’t know what they are thinking, you’ll soon run into trouble. Remember, your business is a community – for you, your team, your managers and your employees. Most studies point to the fact that employee engagement has a direct impact on productivity and profitability. Employees want to feel worthwhile, connected and appropriately involved in the organization’s operations. Culture Amp provides personal coaching for every employee. You know disengaged employees are expensive. Employees want to feel worthwhile, connected and appropriately involved in the organization’s operations. “I am My  Hero”. Here are Three Key Initiatives to drive Employee Engagement: Initiative #1: Selecting Talented Supervisors & Managers. Selection of managers and supervisors is a most critical element. They teach classes and workshops that range from extracurricular skills to those that are essential to their roles. Structured employee engagement plan for your company can significantly improve company performance across several key functions, such as; Employee turnover and well being. Having people from different departments connecting and bouncing ideas can help get a new perspective. These days’ organizations are putting equal attention on the Health Quotient of their employees. The highly productive and the most reputed companies across the world have understood the fact that it was employee engagement that made them stand apart from all other companies. Therefore by creating a culture of engagement, you can produce tangible, bottom-line results for your organization which are sustainable. Initiative #10 – Learning Culture Learning Culture Action Plan – Develop a learning environment that keeps employees engaged. Teams will learn much more rapidly, using the knowledge shared and the different detailed orientation on every project. Giving back to society for causes creates a positive mentality and also fosters pride and loyalty within the employees. Updated June 15, 2018. Gone are the days where your HR team is solely accountable for engagement and culture. A 2017 study conducted by Future Workplace found that employee burnout is currently the largest threat to employee engagement. Involve your team in planning, assessing opportunities and coming up with improvement ideas for the business strategy aligning to the Company’s vision and mission. That is why employee engagement activities should be provided in every company to increase the level of satisfaction among the staff. Across the components, engagement varies with the U.S. Coast Guard coming out top in the 2019 survey for the best employee engagement, while the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office was last. Lack of proper strategy will not bring the desired result. Many Developing economies have realized the importance of providing work flexibility defining accountability beyond the periphery of office spaces or work timings. The wall is in a high-traffic area so everyone can casually pass by and read about the great work of their colleagues. Now while discussing the Employee Engagement Strategies, let us understand the 3C components that establish its need. engagement is about providing employees with the direction, clarity, encouragement, and growth they need to perform at their best. What are the three most important things you would like to accomplish right now? You know that improving employee engagement levels can reduce turnover levels and improve productivity. Create a Mentorship model wherein managers should spend reasonable time with their teams in coaching and mentoring them. Build a sound Compensation structure and incorporate benefits like PF, Medical Insurance, etc. It has become difficult to retain employees within the organization for long with just limited bandwidth of perks. Acknowledging the right talent is a crucial retention strategy and should be well defined and structured. Organizational Team Learning Matrix Template – Identify, map and track the skills needed for each level in the firm. If the management and reporting managers spend dedicated time and involvement in discussing and planning out the careers of its employees, they will feel that they belong to the organization. Often employees feel burnt and run down in energies due to constant struggle to perform and live up to management expectations. Implementing unplanned ideas and activities that you think might support employee satisfaction, without monitoring or measuring their impact, is a waste of time and resources. Managers should also ensure that employee expectations are realistic. Wall where people can post stories of when co-workers have gone above and beyond. Make it a periodic practice to conduct employee feedback and surveys to know the real issues they are facing and helping them solve it. At a higher level, employees want to see innovation happening and that the company maintains a strong position in the market. 15 most effective and best strategies for employee engagement: Often teams work in isolation and don’t have a track of what the rest of the team and organization at large is working on. The engagement of employees is really important for any company, not only for its growth but also for its reputation. While engagement models on the market today range anywhere from three to more than 15 factors, all models at their core attempt to measure a few basic engagement categories: 1. Here's 10 employee engagement initiatives used by top companies that have seen real world success. Encourage involvement and participation in social and charity initiatives. Whether you try out one of the employee engagement initiatives above or create your own, it’s important to understand how to improve employee engagement overall. Today employees are not just working for getting paid at the end of the month for the tasks that they achieve but it is also a lot to do with the whole experience and joy of working. A similar approach can be used with internal customers. Hence providing vacation and short sabbaticals from work is a great idea not just to support mental health but also encourage employees to follow any of their passion. Provide options for pursuing any hobby or interest or any development studies that one wishes to take up. When it comes to employee engagement, it’s not enough to just survey employees. Money is a huge motivator for any employee. To illustrate the true importance of employee engagement, let’s compare an engaged employee (someone who cares deeply about your business) with a disengaged employee … Help employees in identifying their key strength areas and support building their career path within the organization. Rewards. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Studies have shown that the most capable employees at a company are often overloaded with work. You need to set clear objectives for your employee engagement initiative and you must meet at fixed intervals for status updates. We’re here to help. One organization has monthly recognition events. A highly engaged workforce shows a high level of engagement in their work and is always keen to take up new challenges to create a positive change and build a highly conducive work environment. Here are 20 employee engagement ideas that are easy for managers to put in place! Employee engagement is the biggest challenge that companies are facing today. An engaged employee is an individual who is excited, committed and motivated by their work. Encourage Employee Learning Initiatives, 10. Some assign mentors to new hires. Through taking considered action that responds to employee feedback, your organization can show they have both (figurative) ears open. On the plus side, DHS has implemented department-wide employee engagement initiatives, including efforts to support DHS employees and their families. A national casual dining organization created a ‘Book of Signs’ to bring their values to life during onboarding of new employees. With uncertain market dynamics and sensitivity, days of a huge increase in wages or salaries even in highly productive organizations have gone. It is very essential to establish proper communication where everyone can put their views and also suggest a solution too. Select the Right Managers and Coach them for Employee Engagement, 11. Some of the surveyed companies start as early as recruitment. Astute Human Resource Professional with 13 years of experience and a strong focus on details.Sound exposure to Talent Management, Performance Appraisal, Employee Engagement, Rewards, and Recognition & Research. Measure real-time employee engagement. That seems self-evident, yet many managers still … They feel engaged when they receive support from the management in building their careers.

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