One is Candice, who has been recognized as one of America’s top African-American food bloggers. formId: '5e12c126ed5f9800263d7fd5', This particular operation is a kale harvesting crew, and if you are interested in learning more about the process, you can read the full post HERE. The lack of this information does not inspire confidence. Now, the term “local” means different things to different people, but if you go by typical farmer’s market standards, food grown within 200 miles of point of sale qualifies. to 250 g (~9 oz.). In this example, you can see the endive lettuce harvesting and packing process. Head-forming lettuces should be harvested when a head starts to form and plants have reached sufficient size, usually 150 g (~5 oz.) Plus, he has had the experience of watching his parents venture into olive production in Australia, and noted some of their challenges, such as keeping destructive kangaroos away from their trees. This interview was edited for style and clarity. You can also read more about the process HERE. Once the young plants are transplanted into their final systems, stronger fertilizer solutions (2.0-2.5 mS/cm) than those applied during seedling production are used. When harvesting lettuce heads, the root system can be left on the plant for a “living lettuce” that can result in longer postharvest performance. Locally grown produce is in high demand. However, unlike tomatoes the stems are not leaned or lowered and are trained straight up. This article will cover some of the basics of hydroponic systems and production methods for these crops. Pythium is another disease that can take a toll on greens, so keep a close eye on roots to look for signs of infection as this can spread quickly through the nutrient solution. Some markets limit produce sales to within a 50-mile radius. One really cool thing that I observed and have yet to see again is that this operation had six radicchio harvesting crews and harvesting rigs in the same field running at the same time. production. 3). You learn more about this process in the video below, and can read more about it HERE. When it comes to food and how it’s being grown and produced, consumers have developed a healthy sense of skepticism when it comes to claims of “green-ness.” Greenwashing backlash can be swift and consumer expectations are high. There is no in-field packing process. Diseases: Diseases including Botrytis, Pythium and Rhizoctonia can all affect pepper crops. Below, she answers questions about the company’s evolution, its mission and the #ProduceChallenge. Sponsored: GoodLeaf Community Farms: Where sustainability, innovation meet, © 2021 GIE Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. After launching a successful software company in Japan’s version of Silicon Valley, Australian-born entrepreneur Rob Laing made a 180-degree shift in careers. Don’t rule out D2C (direct-to-consumer) marketing. The use of bumblebees may help improve pollination and subsequent fruit growth. Head lettuce and loose leaves can be sold in clamshell containers or plastic bags. What Happens to Produce After it’s Been Harvested? That stamp is meant as a marketing tool to help you make money from your investment in organic growing practices and it has been successful in helping the organic produce market grow. We are also excited about introducing our two [new] produce moms. So, you only see a portion of what you will see in the other examples because the product is only harvested and then packed into bins to be sent to the packinghouse. About 6 oz of seed and 300 square feet of bed space is needed to grow transplants for 1 acre. “It’s working great. In an outdoor environment, lettuce production peaks in the spring, after the frosts and before the summer heats. To promote vegetative growth during establishment, a higher concentration of nitrogen is used. Go to and search for crop, pest or control. In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript. CropKing greenhouses and hydroponic lettuce production systems are designed to grow vegetables year-round, so equipment is required to keep the greenhouse cool. I really appreciate you saying that! We are also bringing in Tara, who is a fitness instructor and dietician.

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