my equip. Alice Doll with top arc angeling First, snap around, and keep hitting the asura key. Champion/Monk is a great option because you can farm (well enough), you can do Mini's and MVP (effectively), as well as are desirable for Endless Tower (weekly farming) ... That should help you catch your champion up. Only prerequisite skills, needed for monk skills. Vit 52+7 IF. Includes Morpheus's Equip Set, Morrigane's Equip … Combo Effect: ATK+25. my alt-a doesnt have the same infomation as yours ( example atk speed 179.12 ) my does not hav the decimal point. If you have just a triple peco egg chain, memo a warp to sleepers, and with ~120 str (or knocker+porcellio and 110str), and 1hko occult impact the sleepers. Archer Class: Receive 5% more Experience Points from Brute monsters. If you want to keep comboing, your sp pool will run out quick. Orlean’s Robes (1) – +15% cast time, no interruptions – this is great. Cast occult impact. Either way it comes down to the same thing: tarot card. And dude, that Snap-Asura combo works very well dude! If you can’t do the quests, here are some leveling maps. You also forgot to mention The Sign. I got an Acolyte job 50 just for that, but I dont really know what to do after. Whikebain Tres, Stainer, Wander Man, Wild Rose, Shinobi This is a combo skill. Claws/Knuckles do 25% less on medium size, RMS->Misc database->Monster size vs Weapon Type. STR : 110-130 The force in his punches is feared, but his spirit is unsatisfied: His mind, body and spirit are not yet in perfect harmony. If you don’t plan on resetting, follow the asura-ing in the War Champ’s leveling guide. and clowns can slow grace too, last time i checked (though not as effective), Bakit ganun Parang ang Hina padin ng asura koh! You can absorb other monks or champions spirits in PvP. Deals 10% more damage with Asura Strike. Also this guides content is [b]severely[/b] outdated. Now, if he manages to trap in an ankle snare, SNAP AWAY. But enough of that…. The longest possible combo a Champion may use is Triple Attack -> Chain Combo -> Combo Finish -> Tiger Knuckle Fist -> Chain Crush Combo -> Asura Strike, provided he has the necessary Spirit Spheres. Not as useful as using heal on a priest, but heals a good 1k-1.6k on you. Combo Effect: STR+6. this is not lie.. A Champion is the Transcendent variant of Monk. Shoes: Tidal Shoes(Sohee) If they’re ninjutsu, you can use a hiding clip and hide the spells. Champion "Auto-combo" Skill - DPS-Combo Guide - Ragnarok Mobile November 21st 2017 patch gives some advantages on DPS-Combo skill build. Asura will 1hko MOST people in WoE / PvP, if you have high sp. +10 chain (3) with either 3 abysmal knight cards, or 2 AK cards + 1 minorous card. Champions are even deadlier in close range combat due to their boosted SP count and STR. Holden, Raggler, Zipper Bear, Muka, & Baby Leopard This can be changed in the BM/Shortcut Settings. 1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class Transcendant Acolyte Monk Sura Champion Trivia [edit | edit source] The original meaning of the word "champion" partakes of both these senses: in the Feudal Era, knights were expected to be champions of both prowess in combat and of … If you manage to stun him, a TSS will take him down quick. Here are several different builds of champions, along with a picture with great gears and stats. What happens is, the 2 second delay to asura after snap is not reset by the second snap; most of the time you will get a shorter delay or no delay at all. Valkyrian Armor – adds +1 all stats, which is very useful. Unless you’re playing combo. All combos start with Triple Attack, and are then followed by Chain Combo then Combo Finish and so on. Honestly, the War Champ can pull off good 100-120K asuras using a morpheus set and specialized weapons, but for the whole 150k asura, this is the build. In the slight space of time between your pneuma and the end of the TSS cast, you have time to react. Now down to, probably the hardest technique a champion can achieve. My suggestion is (if you failed in snap-dodging in your first attempt) you really really need SL’s buff that negates the first attack that hits you. Inflict 5% more damage with Double Strafing and Arrow Shower. (I translated it), @Patrick lol im just joking cause i cant get to level 99. As a champion, you should be level 6x. This is a combo skill. As an acolyte, I recommend you duel client and leech until job 50, with a ranged / magic class outside of Ice Dungeon. if you guys are MVPing and want a solid asura use Morpheus’ Set (hood, Shawl, Ring and Bracelet).

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