Meer informatie. Otherwise it is barely there. You might be in for a big surprise. The one in my collection that it reminds me of the most is Crabtree & Evelyn’s Caribbean Island Wildflowers. Just a bit sweet. Mojave Ghost by Byredo is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. It is difficult to review this perfume. It’s dry, it’s bittersweet fruity, and it’s high, and soaring without being screechy. It reminds me of CdG wonderwood. Remarkable name for a rather unremarkable, but pleasant feminine scent thats reminiscent of a shampoo/scented beauty product. I was just in the taxi wearing this, and he opened the window a few minutes into our drive together lol, Never heard anything like that! "Ghost" is an apt word for this, as this fragrance is extremely light and unassuming. What it is : A woody, aromatic perfume that pays homage to the bewitching Mojave Ghost flower. Kind of like Insence Flash by Tauerville (which I absolutely love). ***I had to modify my review now that I figured out that sapodilla is a type of sapote. Genius! I have to say that I haven’t really fallen in love with any other of them yet, but it doesn’t matter – let me just review a perfume challenge. This is just beautiful, its a whispering scent that makes it self known in wonderful wafts every now and then. I really like the musk in this too, very plush and gentle, makes the whole composition far more pleasant. Online right now: 1664, Fragrantica in your language: The violet and the sweet sapodilla are gorgeous, I keep sniffing my wrist lol. I get the comparisons to Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue, but this is really nothing like that at all. It doesn't smell entirely natural but it's intriguing, candied and ozonic at the same time. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. I had to scrub. On him it's a sweet explosion of a skin scent, with a robust presence of wood and grounded musk. That was an expensive blind buy. I like a heady spice train in the winter, and this is certainly not that. Full of magnolia with other supporting elements like sandalwood and cedarwood, I'm mostly miffed by how the top notes---somewhat unfamiliar to me-- … Mojave Ghost by Byredo is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. I think that is not a Eau de Parfum for everyone .. but it is a complex parfum, and you have to feel deeply, to the time of evolution. It blends so well into my skin scent that it is hardly detectable. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Oh dear.... it is EXACTLY the same. The little scent that wasn't there. Ideal for autumn and winter and I want it so badly! At first I said: But what is it ?? I was expecting some kind of fresh pear opening but all I have is some waxy ripe fruit. Is this what sapodilla smells like? This 'unisex' Byredo frag leans very feminine— super powdery as many have established and very floral. It is not that at all. Mojave Ghost is really interesting powdery sandalwood, it goes on really light, so the projection is not big, the longevity is low to moderate on me. Had to spray a lot of this juice on in order for my husband to smell it on me. Byredo Mojave Ghost walks the unisex line well while performing admirably for a warm-weather-leaning option. Download Female Daily App Reviews Editorial Shop at Beauty Studio NEW Talk Try & Review I ended up purchasing the hair mist instead of the perfume as it's considerably more affordable. Mojave Ghost definitely smells the most unique out of all of the Byredo scents I've tried. This is a ghostly scent indeed -- there is hardly anything here! This perfume reads “youthful” and although complex, I wouldn’t put it in the “sophisticated” category. Because of the gorgeous name, and compelling reputation of this niche fragrance, I dished out a small stack for this lovely, simple bottle, and exquisitely boxed presentation. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. there ya go. Mojave Ghost was on my try list for a while, but eventually I won't be purchasing a full bottle. Mojave Ghost doesn't seem to have this dry down effect, but it loses Daisy's femininity. This is a whole lot of synthetic banana-coconut-orange "nothing fruit for about 7 or 8 minutes. THIS IS IT, PALMOLIVE 1970'S.. WITH THE PACKAGING..AND THE FREIGHT BOX . Very interesting. I gave it 2 hours and eventually couldn't take it anymore. Something is overly floral and not the nicest smelling about it. This kind of perfume that you will love it but sometimes you'll hate it. I just got this after smelling it at skins in Amsterdam and it is absolutely lovely! In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. This scent is something else to me. Ketahui review produk BYREDO Mojave Ghost jujur dari pengguna hanya di Female Daily. What a wonderful fragrance.. nothing Like I ever smelled before. Another great work Byredo! I can imagine being back in the desert, maybe a little bit in monsoon season, while wearing this. Sweet and fruity shampoo like scent with surprising staying power - more than 8 hours. Nice, non-challenging, rather general floral. Mojave Ghost (Huile Parfum) is a perfume by Byredo for women and men. It's a very lovely scent but not original whatsoever. This is MJ Daisy sprayed into the air and walked through. If you like the soft, creamy & spicy part of Mojave Ghost, then Noa is the better and more affordable option. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Byredo Byredo Mojave ghost by byredo for unisex - 3.3 Ounce edp spray, 3.3 Ounce at It is lovely, an aura surrounding me with beauty. Sadly that is not the case. Very easily likeable, but not lovable for its lack of character. It is being marketed by Manzanita Capital. When I first sprayed it on my wrist, I thought it might be nice, but a little ordinary. It's a spicy floriental and really reminds me of Jo Malone's Black Vetyver Cafe which has stupidly been discontinued. I absolutely understand the comparisons to Marc Jacobs Daisy. A review of the Ouai’s dry shampoo collaboration with Byredo, creating a dry shampoo hair perfume combination of Mojave Ghost. I was expecting something entirely different. The longevity of the hair mist isn't incredible however - I would say a few hours at most. With the crisp white box, and simple bold lettering, the slightly Celtic looking seals on the inner box had me intrigued. To me is almost identical to Daisy,Marc Jacobs. With a light and graceful character top notes of musky Ambrette combine with fresh Jamaican Nesber To me, this smells just like Michael Kors Michael Kors. Pm me. Magisch! Gardenia and magnolia have similar scent profiles, and Mojave Ghost also has violet, and the fruitiness is there in both perfumes on first spritz. This was a disappointing bottle, uh I mean sample. It makes Mojave Ghost also nice for office work as it projects sweet and clean mood. I personally prefer it to the Spring/Autumn .... Perfume that deserves, I really like. Lasting power is good though. Almost an aerated effect. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. I do think it'll be nice to wear outdoors, perhaps by the water? And I love that it is a slow developer, sort of hitting me with a new note a while after I've forgotten I've put it on. Mojave "Ghost" indeed. In fact, the fragrance is almost the polar opposite - it is fruity and flowery and fresh. Are we smelling the same perfume? Was I sent a sample vial of water? Kinda youthful, but in a pleasant way. Can easily pass as a body-scent, a naturally good and personal scent; that is my favourite part of this perfume. Despite its arid surroundings and inability to produce nectar, the Ghost Flower, or Mohavea Confertiflora, maintains its perfect, majestic beauty and thrives year after year. literally smells like my grandma. With the veil of dust hovering above of the fruit/flower notes, the whole effect became cloying and almost suffocating. I happily wear it. The sapodilla note here is what makes this unique. The sapodilla note is very fruity, fresh, long-lasting and quite unique. i actually think this works better with male skin chemisty than female. Working in health care I am fine with a scent that stays on my skin, as long as it lasts through changing temps, sweat, and the stress of work. I just want to smell good and sometimes simple is better...Mojave Ghost is simple and smells great. I got a sample of Mojave Ghost from Luckyscent. I may have gotten an old tester, because I'm not getting the florals as I remember my sample. There is more sophistication than a shampoo, that is not meant as an insult, just a style note. Maybe it's just me, but after about half an hour I have a hard time detecting them on my skin. I have tested this one a few times, and unfortunately, will have to agree with the negative reviews. Lasts forever on me , love this smell every one asks me about this parfum just perfect clean smell. They are all quiet, subtle-smelling scents. On me, it's quieter but still powerful. From just smelling-testing the three, I feel there is something about these three--some scent profile or underlying scent DNA that ties them all together; they feel similar to each other. I think Byredo’s Mojave Ghost is intriguing and unique. Another brand that people hate on here is Eccentric Molecules (another minimalistic fragrance) but to me these fragrances are simple, complex (in their own right) and smell terrific. Bal d’Afrique has definitely aroused my curiosity about Byredo and after falling in love with it I started discovering their other creations one by one. It would be perfectly suited for a college aged woman who saved lots of money working a summer job and wanted to make a special big purchase. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. And Violet, violet when done right is the scent that Cleopatra used to wear because it is a scent that loads up our receptors for smelling it and our brain can't register it after a while, then suddenly, wham, receptors are unblocked and the Violet hits you like you've never smelled it before. To be honest I bought it because I was stationed in 29 Palms, CA which is in the Mojave Desert. The fragrance of the desert – an interpretation by Byredo. For me, Mojave Ghost will be a summer affair, and perfect for hot humid days. Byredo - Mojave Ghost Edp Spray 50ml. Also,the magnetized cap is a nice touch . Beautiful floral scent for spring and summer. (I have a strong dislike for Daisy, and all it’s iterations) But I guess part of what we should love so much about fragrance is how it tickles every brain diffferently. After loving Blanche so much, I got a bunch of samples of Byredo and Mojave Ghost was one of them. I dont hate it what is there to hate? To be honest, I can't pick apart and pinpoint all the notes but that doesn't bother me, as a whole it is beautiful and that's all that matters. This is by no means a high quality "niche" fragrance. Sometimes, it brings up too much b.o. I, like some others, first smelled Marc Jacobs Daisy right upon the first spray on my arms and wrist. Named for the Mojave Ghost flower which grows in very dry desert areas the fragrance resembles the flower in concept only but that works because the scent is very dry and ethereal, ghost-like and also hauntingly dry in a mystical desert floral manner. I am hoping to post more perfume reviews regularly. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but nobody seems to like this brand and continue to beat them up about the price and lack of longevity. I don't find this particularly fruity or heavily floral, its like a swirling combination of just this and just so at the right time. Was expecting a dry, abstract landscape of humid violet and blonde woods, got my sisters bathroom circa 2007 - MJ Daisy and herbal essences. This mix left me feeling underwhelmed. It smells good but "nice shampoo" good, not "whole man's body" good. Almost positive it's the former. Recommendation: get a really nice, very expensive shampoo from the salon that will make you feel pampered and that gives you that "just got my hair done" smell (sans perming solutions and bleaching products, of course). Although I'm not much of a Byredo fan (except for the stirring M/Mink), the concept and ad-copy for Mojave Ghost had me pretty fired up. On me it dries down heavy on the musk and ambergris with some melon. I just need to add that I caved and bought Santal Glow from Zara to see if the praised similarities had grounds. Fluffy, airy, light. 5 with However, whereas the scent smells promising from the bottle, on the skin it was quite a letdown. I love this scent but it seriously lasts less than 5 minutes on me. I was incredibly keen to try Mojave Ghost as it is one of those Byredo scents that is constantly mentioned on forums and YouTube. reminds me of - a fresh spring day, just stepped out of the shower, with nothing to do but roam with streets of a new foreign city. Byredo Mojave Ghost walks the unisex line well while performing admirably for a warm-weather-leaning option. Mojave Ghost van Byredo is een Oriëntaals Bloemige geur voor dames en heren. So points for longevity, I guess. If you want to smell like an apple scented shampoo then this frag is for you. Perfumes: 63319 I have to disagree with deadiol on the dry down part. It's possibly my favourite fragrance lately. EVER SMELT PALMOLIVE SOAP SO HARD IT PROPELLED YOU BACK IN THE SUPERMARKET AISLE? Watered Down soft version. Hard to put my finger on this one. Mojave Ghost is that beautiful moment just before the sun explodes over the horizon in an orange fireball in the high desert except the perfume lasts well into the light of day. The scent is actually slightly elegant, in a light, spring-like way. Interesting to note that Mojave Ghost is the only perfume in the fragrantica database that uses sapodilla as a note. I love how fresh it is while still having those deep, warm notes. But describing a fragrance that is one of your favourites and brings back the images of your best time is no big deal, so I’d rather write a review of a more challenging one. The Ghost Flower, or “Mohavea confertiflora” as experts call it, is a rare plant that you can find especially in the desert, because it even thrives in the driest soil. I felt compelled to leave a few notes on Mojave Ghost because there are so many negative reviews for what I think is an innovative and fresh - in every sense - fragrance. Or better put perfume for people who wants to smell like they have something on. Ahh, Mojave Ghost. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. However, my partner has told me that they can smell the scents on me. Wow - after all the hype about Byredo - finally I got my hands on a sample kit of 10 scents. delicious and happy and pleasant. I was just given a sample of this and wish I hadn't been...because now I really want it! Unfortunately, it's more moderately lasting than long lasting, but after about 4 hours, I can smell a hint of ambergris from time to time, when I move. I personally find the heart and base quite heavy, and would only use this during colder months. It looks like water, smells almost just like water. Byredo Mojave Ghost walks the unisex line well while performing admirably for a warm-weather-leaning option. ッ❤. Flowers used in this composition are on the fresh side of spectrum, not headache like many floral heavy scents. Surprised at how little I got beyond the sapodilla - I mean, it was fruuuuiiity til the end, then a tiny pinch of cedar after about 6-7 hours. A unique and light fragrance that is uplifting to me. This scent is slightly sweeter than I usually get addicted to but nonetheless I applied about four sprays to my favourite wool cardigan and I can't stop sniffing it. Meer informatie. The dry down is probably the most interesting to me. I bought a full bottle (blind buy -> huge mistake). On the other hand this is a kind of different smeel in the summer season this will turn in to light, fresh, airy scent. I feel sexy and really self-confident when I wear it. This is just gorgeous. Mojave Ghost is very mysterious and makes me question this scent, a lot. In my own personal experience, this one is not cool weather friendly it is because there's something in it that will suffocate you. And scrub and scrub. Niet leverbaar. I found Byredo on a recent trip to Paris. For me, it's one of those scents where I would happily wear it if I owned it, but because of the relatively high price tag, I'm not rushing out to buy it. I think part of it is for me, Magnolia isn't often very floral-floral- sometimes it can be downright rotten smelling after a bit but when done right, it has a very gentle touch of flowers mixed with sort of a citrus smell to me? Pretty disappointed that this is by Byredo, it just smells like a generic floral and not what I expect from them. No and no. The release year is unknown. Geïnspireerd op de wonderlijke, extreem zeldzame en ongelooflijk krachtige ‘ghost flower’ uit de Mojave woestijn, bloeiend zonder voedingsstoffen en water. My favorite fragance of all times.. its very unique. Love the light, airy, elegant pear/musk vibe with just a touch of regal magnolia. It is so easy to wear and is classy and understated, but performs as you would expect for a high quality fragrance. Byredo is one of those houses that seem to be incapable of doing wrong in my eyes. sehr schön beginnend mit fruchtiger Note, gemischt mit meiner liebsten blumigen Note (Magnolie). I have to politely disagree with others who claim this is a "light floral" akin to Marc Jacobs Daisy. The review by RB75 below, is spot on. It doesn't evoke Joshua trees, creosote bushes, coyotes, or dusty and windswept trailer parks on the edge of Barstow. When I hear "Byredo", I can instantly smell Bal d'Afrique. I am not sure on how describe it but fragrances like TF santal blush ,diptique tam dao , ,musk Lorenzo Villoresi as well as chance eau tendre , black crystal Versace ,,just to name a few , have that same creamy fluffy cloud effect. Unlike anything I have. I spot this almost every time I go out to a bar or restaurant. This is also the first time I cannot detect a fragrance at all. Nice office fragrance. I’m not the biggest fan of floral fragrances and I don’t tend to wear them often, but Mojave Ghost is the perfect balance between floral, woody and even a little fruity this is such a beautiful fragrance and gives off a very clean vibe, I can’t compare it to anything else I have smelled. This seems a perfect daytime/office fragrance for it's pleasant subtlety. It leans kind of feminine. Perfume lovers: 604250 I would never have bought this perfume based on the description, as I don't like oriental perfumes at all. I love classic minimalism....the font, the black and white and beautifully simple packaging. See 4 member reviews and photos. It becomes a skinscent after an hour. I agree with estaesta except for me this reminds me of the kids shampoo i used when I was a kid. Not a winter blanket, but a lightweight throw you pull over your legs in the dead of summer because the A/C is too cold. Fragrance story : In the xeric wilderness of the Mojave desert, trees and vegetation more ancient than many civilizations defy conditions that prey on human vulnerability. It also has a floral smell too. (Ambergris always brings my sensual side out by feeling sexier and confident). I tried to get a sample and boy, I was hooked from the first sniff. I have a girl with very minimal wardrobe, wearing only black or white and having a office job, because Byredos are suitable for this. Mojave Ghost. Giving it time to evolve made all the difference. I was wrong. If you're a fan of pleasant and well blended fruit based scents this is a must-sample. Very sensual, strange and mystic scent with a very good sillage and long lasting. I'm just trying to keep ppl from making the same mistake I did......try before you buy. I was curious by the name ghost. Ghost of a pear scent, slightly sweeter than I would expect. On my skin, this one is just fruity and not much else. Easily forgettable. The dry down gets less sweet, more woody and slightly sour. No exageration. I disagree the negative reviews. On my husband, however, this scent radiates a vivid, tonic-like succulence. Simply stunning. Byredo Mojave Ghost attempts to mimic the scent of an exotic flower's perfume and to attract pollinators (buyers) but it's only partly successful. I usually find sandalwood nauseating when too prominent. It leans kind of feminine. It's quite a fresh scent, definitely leaning feminine, which works for day or night, hot or cool weather. I think both the violet and magnolia notes in this are of particularly good quality to exemplify the best of what they can bring to a scent. I don't think it says class or intellect nor would it garner compliments in adults as much ass others,but its just plain out good, well balanced, long lasting, and makes you feel happy! Does the name justice I guess. Had I known about Mojave Ghost, I would have considered it over Daisy as Daisy has its own problems. Mojave Ghost werd uitgebracht in 2014. It kinda overpowers all the rest, though. Four sprays this morning, and two hours later, I can hardly smell it at all, which is better than the intense Juicy Fruit I detected on an earlier trial. Whereas you barely smell it, but it will always float around you and be playful hauntedly to you. Don't have much more to add. Mojave Ghost is a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. Now mind you, this a perfectly pleasant fragrance, just not what I expected. I'm surprised there's no tuberose in this. BYREDO MOJAVE GHOST WORTH THE $230 SPLURGE?! Smells like it could have been something. It is a tender scent and certainly unique. Nog geen reviews. Right? I see a lot of people comparing it to a lot of other scents and shampoos and what not. Oh my lord, I love this fragrance! I got good performance out of this myself. Quite sweet (in a floral kind of way). I do suggest trying it out though, Byredo offers this one in sample form on their website. I love it. Then a fruit festival. The sapodilla has an aquatic quality that calls back Daisy in an instant - but in a good way. I'm pretty sure you could bottle low-level nuclear waste, call it "Mojave Ghost," and it would still sell like crazy. This smells like a niche version of Nautica Voyage with added nasberry note. I do agree that it is probably more "commercial" than a lot of the other Byredo scents, but there is something about it that is very pleasing to me. I can’t believe people smell anything akin to Daisy in this fragrance. MG won out because it was the one that made me feel the most comfortable the entire day, from first spray to before bedtime shower and c. Hmm, kind of smells like if Tam Dao, Daisy and Light Blue made a baby? Is this why it’s like a ghost since the fragrance is so fleeting but you get whiffs of it much later? For that price one would expect more creativity. I want to learn more about it. I had high expectations for this as I pictured it as a dry, austere fragrance. Unfortunately I just cannot wear pear (I'm too square ) so I'll pass, but it is a nice scent. The body lotion however, is weirdly more potent than the perfume. the sopadilla smells like asian pear to me, a crisp delicate yet distinctive flavor, the sandalwood wraps itself around the magnolia and the breeze is sweetened by violets carmelized in amber. Are you for real? Overall, I I'd say it's something I can wear anywhere and at anytime. The fruity note disappears pretty soon, and the woody and musk notes aren't there for me at all. Leans a little feminine to me, but it's great on a confident man as well. This scent is welcoming and familiar. This fragrance lasts around 7-8 hours on my skin with a moderate to heavy sillage for the first 3 hours, the fragrance then becomes more of a skin scent, one of the best fragrances from the house of Byredo. That doesn't sound like great praise but it's nice and understated and inoffensive, yet maintains a pretty powerful sillage. I wanted a fresh fruity fragrance for spring. You can really smell the violet. Such mixed reviews of Mojave Ghost! Very faint and pale. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches |

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