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24-hour paediatric emergency services

Kids benefit from doctors who are experts in kids, not adults. The same is true when it comes to emergency care. A life-threatening illness can have a devastating effect on the entire family, especially if the patient is a child. Children in these circumstances have unique needs that are significantly different from the needs of adult patients

When a child is extremely ill, families would no doubt want the best medical team to be available round the clock to speed up the child's recovery, minimise pain, as well as provide support and encouragement.

Our Paediatric Emergency service is dedicated exclusively to children upto 16 years of age and designed with a friendly, efficient and comforting atmosphere. Staffs at the center are trained not only in caring for the medical needs of children but also for the emotional needs of children during the stress of injury and illness. Our team recognises how stressful illness or injury can be, not only for the child but also for the family. Our dedicated, compassionate staff are committed to easing the burden of ill and injured children.

The Department of Paediatric Emergency at Apollo Childrens Hospitals is a state-of-the art facility dedicated to the care of sick and injured children with medical / surgical emergencies and general paediatric diseases like typhoid, diarrhea, ts, poisoning , burns, scorpion stings, diabetic emergencies in kids, pneumonia, dengue and H1N1. It is equipped with the latest in medical equipment, appropriately sized to children from babies to teens. In addition to multiple examination and isolation rooms, the Emergency Department has its own trauma room, asthma treatment space and acute care area.

The department provides 24-hours coverage to handle any paediatric emergency.

An emergency specialist is available on site 24 hours a day so that the highest quality of care is provided at all times of day or night. The team of doctors is especially trained to assess, treat paediatric emergencies and deliver the most sophisticated medical and surgical care needed for critically ill or injured children. The ER team liaises with the concerned specialists and coordinates the care.

The ER has facilities for triage, observation and resuscitation.

"Triage" rapid registration and triage of patients to minimise wait times . The process of triage means "to sort." Children who have a life-threatening illness or injury are always seen first. Children who are stable, but need treatment as soon as possible, will be seen in order of severity. This is why children are not always seen in the same order as they arrive. Every effort is made to keep waiting times to a minimum.

"Holding Area" for the initial stabilisation and institution of early care for sick patients.

"Resuscitation bay" fully equipped for sophisticated invasive monitoring including assisted ventilation.

Special features

Private examination and treatment rooms

Digital radiology suite and computed tomography (CT) scanner

Updated computerised tracking and charting system

In house blood storage unit and 24 hours blood products availability


Apollo Children's Hospitals is the first hospital in Chennai to have Paediatric Trauma Centre. Children treated at paediatric trauma centres have a lower mortality rate and shorter lengths of hospital stay when compared to children cared for at adult trauma centres. Care at a specialised trauma centre lowers the risk of death by 25 percent when compared to other paediatric non-trauma centres.

The Apollo Children's Trauma centre (ACT), is a facility for the management of children with severe and life-threatening injuries. A dedicated paediatric facility, this trauma centre ensures equipment, medications and specialists are available 24x7 to care for children with trauma and multiple injuries that require comprehensive care. The 24-hour centre will follow a multi-disciplinary care approach.

As the Emergency Department is notified that an injured child is in enroute to the hospital, a team specially trained in paediatric trauma care , including physicians, surgeons , nurses, radiology , blood bank is activated . This team of dedicated, trauma professionals responds to the Emergency Department and awaits the patient's arrival. What follows is a very organised approach to the care of the paediatric trauma patient.

Access to an impressive team of surgical sub-specialists, including orthopaedic surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, urology, plastic / reconstructive surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery ensures proficient, paediatric-specific management of all injuries.

Children admitted to the Trauma Service have expertly coordinated care that focuses on the patient and the family's physical and emotional needs. Apollo Children's Trauma services will include post - treatment care and rehabilitation right from the beginning of patient's hospitalisation and includes physical , occupational and speech therapy. Assistance is provided to families to help them cope with the psychological impact of trauma.


The Apollo Childrens Hospitals 24 hours Emergency Transport (1066) delivers expert, specialised care and provides safe and efficient transport of critically ill or injured infants and children,

The PICU transport team regularly undertakes high-risk road and air transport ( local & international ) in order to provide skilled and safe care for critically ill or injured children during transit from referring hospitals.

Transport of critically ill children with a wide range of conditions including respiratory failure, shock, cardiac compromise and neurologic conditions can be extremely challenging and some children require the whole gamut of ICU services within the specially equipped transport ambulance.

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