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Department of Paediatric Acne & Cosmetology - manages the A to Z of childhood skin ailments, both superficial and deep, common (acne) and rare, challenging psoriasis, dermatitis and those secondary to systemic illness using the most advanced technology and current practice guidelines.

Paediatricians and Dermatologists have always worked together to treat children with skin diseases. At Apollo Children's Hospitals, this has crystallised into a fully functioning unit with hours dedicated to Paediatric Dermatology.

Diseases of the skin which occur in adults can manifest in children. This requires unique handling as the drug therapy that an adult may tolerate is not the same as a child.

When we talk of critical issues, we have to remember that children are exposed to a variety of drugs more often than adults and their metabolism is different. Drug reactions are therefore frequently seen in children. This requires early and prompt diagnosis and expert intervention to ensure survival.

There are other issues in children, especially immune - dermatologic diseases which require expert guidance from the dermatologist. The skin is the mirror of internal disease. There are numerous examples where the dermatologist can be the first to get a clue about the underlying disease, especially connective tissue diseases, malignancies, inborn diseases of metabolism and the like. This is an art and we have perfected it, thanks to the variety of patients we see from around the world.

We then have common genetic diseases of the skin which invariably have a systemic component. The Dermatologist here helps the Paediatrician plan the long term management of such children.

By far the most common problem faced are the group of inflammatory disorders of the skin, of which eczema is one major component as is psoriasis. We have world renowned specialists with best treatment options in these two fields to help children with Eczema and Psoriasis, as these are chronic, socially and sometimes physically debilitating illnesses.

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