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It is an often used phrase "vital cog in the wheel..", but no other Department comes close to satisfying this phrase's meaning. The Department acts as the lynchpin in the whole set up and while rest of the departments are there to look at specific systems in our body, ours is there to look at the patient as a whole. Being the sentries of patient contact, we act as an identifying unit for the direction of investigations and treatment to cure the children.

We are staffed by many consultants who run clinics throughout the day, and are supported well by emergency room personnel out of hours. The whole Paediatric Department and sub specialties pride themselves in their ability to handle any conceivable disease process. This is possible in view of excellent camaraderie with specialists and a wholesome approach to get to the bottom of the problem.

The maxim" prevention is better than the cure.." rings true literally for us. The vaccinations which form an important aspect of paediatric practice is a streamlined process with patients getting the appropriate advice on the timing of vaccinations and dedicated, well trained nurses helping us out in this vital aspect.

Finally the cog might be vital, but the extended team of specialists and us make a sturdy wheel that helps us scale challenges than most of our ilk.