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Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Nellore

Trusted by patients from 120 countries. Expert Consultants. New Age Infrastructure Across the Tertiary Spectrum.

Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Nellore is the 50th project of Apollo Hospitals, Group. It extends high-end tertiary care comprising of multiple medical disciplines with special focus on Orthopedics, Trauma and Cardiology. The 200-bedded hospital provides an orchestrated balance of excellent infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and dedicated manpower, thus providing the best of patient care.

Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Nellore is well equipped with a Cath lab and Cardiac Surgery OT. It also contains 5 state-of-the-art operation theatres integrated with cutting-edge technology for complex surgeries or minimally invasive medical procedures and 2 specially equipped labour suites. Apollo Specialty Hospitals at Nellore also specializes in emergency and trauma care such as road trauma, cardiac emergencies, stroke and neonatal emergencies. The strategic location of the hospital makes it easier for patients to access the world class medical facilities offered. It is accessible from multiple points such as Gudur, Kavali, Ongole, Naidupet and Sriharikota.

Tender Loving Care is our way of life. Three simple words that have a profound impact on everything we do.

At Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Nellore touching and enriching lives is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Tender Loving Care (TLC) plays a major role in our journey of touching lives. It is the second pillar of our story, and it binds the Apollo Way together. It consists of a deck of best practices that encompasses the universe of patient touchpoints. A system which ensures that every process at Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Nellore is designed to be patient-centric. The TLC movement comes alive with the commitment of over 70,000 members of the Apollo family. Doctors, nurses and other staff come together to make our hospital a place that is warm, helpful and more friendly for every patient who comes for treatment.

Patient-centric is at the core of our story. From vision to experience, it defines us. It differentiates us.

Patient comfort and convenience have always been of utmost importance at Apollo Hospitals. The Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Nellore is no exception and offers a host of amenities and conveniences to ensure that you are comfortable, as we take care of you.

Best-in-class Facilities

With world-class operation suites and recovery bays Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Nellore has 5 state-of-the-art Operation suites with laminar airflow, equipped with the latest in cutting edge technology to enable surgeons to perform a range of complex procedures as well as minimally invasive and endoscopic surgeries.

The 12-bedded recovery bay with dedicated, specially trained staffs are manned round the clock. With state-of-the-art equipment and stringent protocols in place, the facility is fully geared for major and minor surgeries across a range of specialities.

Comfortable Patient Rooms

Patient's comfort and convenience are ensured in our air-conditioned wards and can choose from a selection of rooms:


Centres of Excellence

The Centres of Excellence of Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Nellore aims to provide highest standard of healthcare to our patients. Medical professionals with expertise in diverse specialties team up to scale the heights of excellence in the healthcare sector by adopting a multidisciplinary approach. Our Centres of Excellence in various clinical specialties and super specialties are indeed a unique blend of technology, clinical acumen and compassionate care.

Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Nellore offers multi-Specialty care:

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