Healthy Heart Program

By listening to your heart and enrolling in the Healthy Heart Program, you are taking the first step towards efficient heart health management.

At Apollo Hospitals, we value your life and listen to all your healthcare needs. That’s why we bring you our unique and personalized offering – Healthy Heart Program. The one-year program enables you to manage existing heart conditions, monitor your heart health and importantly, prevents the onset of heart disease. All this comes to you at an affordable price and under Apollo’s expert care that millions of people trust.

Enquire today and we will have you enrolled into the Healthy Heart Program right away.

Benefits of Apollo Healthy Heart Program:

Comprehensive & Personalized investigation listing

  • Stay connected with our Healthy Heart doctor with Free Teleconsultations to ensure compliance with the program
  • Quarterly out-patient cardiologist consultation
  • Quarterly dietary consultation for a personalized diet chart to support your heart health
  • Lifestyle coaching to aid in smoking cessation, depression, and stress management
  • Free sessions on yoga and meditation
  • Exclusive Healthy Heart mobile application to access all your medical recordsExclusive Healthy Heart mobile application to access all your medical records
  • 15% Discount on all Apollo Investigations during the enrollment period
  • 24/7 support
Our expert team of advisers are always available to help you choose the right plan for you.
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