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Apollo Hospitals Chennai
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Multi-Organ Transplantation in Chennai

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai harvests 23 organs in a day, an extraordinary feat achieved!

Centres of Excellence

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The Apollo Transplant Institutes (ATI) enjoy the distinction of being one of the largest and most comprehensive solid transplant programs in the world.

Our centers at Chennai are well established with high end equipment and state of the art infrastructure that is delivered with the highest possible quality by an eminent pool of internationally renowned Transplant Surgeons, Nephrologists, Gastroenterologists, Pediatric Gastroenterologists, Pediatric Surgeons, Anesthetists, Intensivists and Physicians.

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Infrastructure and Facilities

  • 320 slice CT scanner, a state of the art Liver Intensive Care Unit & Operation Theatre. Various surgical tools to enable safe & bloodless liver surgery including Cavitron ultrasonic surgical aspirator, Argon laser coagulation, Ultrasonic blood vessel sealing systems etc
  • Dedicated Operating Theatres customized for transplant surgeries
  • Dedicated State-of-the-Art Intensive Care Units
  • Specialty blood bank facilities
  • High end Laboratories for all tests and investigations
  • Diagnostic and Radiology Facilities which include 320 Slice, 64 Slice CT scanners, 3 Tesla MRI machines, high-end Ultrasound facilities
  • Dedicated wards and rooms for transplant patients
  • Counsellors and Transplant Co-ordinators to take care of all your needs
  • Translators for all major languages both national and international
  • Dedicated helplines and unit managers to take care of your treatment needs and requirements
  • Dedicated and trained nursing staff for your pre-operative and post-operative care


Liver Transplant

Apollo's comprehensive liver transplant care programme aims to provide effective health care by connecting to people dealing with liver disease. A successful liver transplant, ably supplemented by Apollo's care and commitment affords a fresh lease of life and puts the smile back on your face as you return to normalcy. Click here to know more

Kidney Transplant

Both autologous and cadaveric transplants are performed at The Centers of Nephrology and Urology , which has a large and comprehensive renal transplant program. We also created the first organ transplant registry in our country. A lot of our transplant surgeries are done using minimally invasive techniques for the kidney donors , thus minimising recovery time after surgery and hospitalisation.

Heart Transplant

1995 was the year when Apollo Hospitals, Chennai performed the first heart transplantation. Indeed, the patient had survived for almost 14 years (the longest Indian transplant survivor) until 2009 when he passed away due to an unrelated cause.

A formal Heart Transplant Programme was started in Apollo Hospitals in 2004. Along with this, a multidisciplinary approach to End Stage Heart Failure was also conceptualised.

So far, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai has successfully performed over 32 Heart transplants, 25 Lung transplants, 7 Heart and Double Lung transplants and 1 Heart Lung and Kidney transplantation. Awareness among donors has exponentially increased in the recent years and we are proud to say that the State of Tamil Nadu has an excellent and one of the most active Government led Cadaver Programmes in India.

Pancreatic Transplant and Surgery

Most surgical procedures performed on the pancreas involve resection (removal) of the diseased part of the organ. Before the surgery on the pancreas, the patient is completely evaluated by the multidisciplinary team of doctors.

Bone Marrow Transplant

More than 1000 transplants have been performed at the blood and bone marrow transplantation center at Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospitals, Chennai, all with extremely good outcomes. We are also a centre of choice for BMT among the international patients, thanks to the team of well trained BMT specialists, the strict infection control norms which are crucial for BMT patients and the warm and friendly ambience.

Lung Transplant

A lung transplant can benefit patients who are suffering from chronic respiratory disease which has compromised the functioning of the lung, severely. The transplant would give the patient a new lease of life and increase longevity. Apollo Hospitals, Chennai is equipped with the state of the art technology, infrastructure and medical expertise to handle patients requiring this complex procedure. With utmost experience in lung transplants, our team has developed a program especially in evaluation of donors with respect to latent TB which helps patients suffering from severe end stage lung disease.

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