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HIS Bundle Pacing is an innovative approach which involves direct placement of a permanent pacemaker leads at the HIS bundle, instead of the traditional approach in which leads are placed in the right ventricle. This direct stimulation helps the right and left ventricles to be more synchronized. Thus helps to avoid the potential adverse effects of right ventricular pacing. This prevents worsening of cardiac function and avoids the risk of heart failure. This is also considered more physiological way of pacing the heart.

HIS bundle is an attractive site for physiological pacing and actual lead placement can be technically challenging due to its anatomic location and surrounding cardiac structures.

Major Indications:

HIS Bundle Pacing procedure is done to treat Bradyarrhythmias. It engages the natural electric conduction system in the heart, hence it does not result in ventricular dyssynchrony. HIS Pacing offers an elegant solution to avoid potential pacing-induced deterioration in cardiac function.

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