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cardiac surgery in chennai


Patient will be given general anaesthesia and the cardio thoracic surgeon will make tiny holes in the left chest cavity with the help of Da Vinci Robotic system. The surgical instruments attached to robotic arms and a camera is inserted through these holes to carry out the surgery. The surgeon will control the robotic arms and camera from a console which is located in the same operation theatre. Once the surgery is completed all the instruments will be removed and incisions site will be closed.

Unlike the conventional approach that involves splitting of sternum (central chest bone), thus slowing down the recovery process of the patient by approximately 3 months, Robotic Minimally Assisted CABG is a least invasive surgery enabling speedy recovery to patients with less scar on the chest, minimal blood loss, less pain and shorter hospital stay.

Major Indications:

  • Single and multi-vessel coronary artery disease.
  • Young patients who need to return to work early.
  • Elderly patients who tend to recover with least morbidity.

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