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About SACHi

About SACHi

Child Heatlh Care at Apollo Hospitals Chennai

By sponsoring a child, you not only give him / her a second chance to live, but also get the very fulfilling experience of being a part of his / her life. You can meet, interact and get to know the child and his / her family. We will also keep you updated over email. INR 30,000 is all it takes to sponsor a child.It is estimated that over 250,000 children born in India each year with heart disease and less than 5% of them receive the care that they need. Most of these children succumb to their disease before their first birthdays. In fact, studies conducted by AIIMS reveal that 10% of infant mortality can be accounted for by Congenital Heart Diseases alone.

The Saving A Child's Heart initiative (SACHi) was established in 2003 and is one of Asia's largest voluntary organisations dedicated to raising awareness about cardiac diseases. It also provides early treatment and financial support for children, from economically weaker section, suffering from heart diseases. Treatments include surgical intervention, diagnostic procedures and follow-up care. The entire SACHi team, including the specialists, nursing staff and paramedical staff, volunteers its services.

To date, SACHi has screened over 2,00,000 children across India and performed 3,000 heart surgeries. As the initiative grows, the future will see many more children growing into adults leading healthy, happy, rewarding lives.